Words about “being firm in one’s beliefs”

June 5, 2006

These are adjectives that are similar to "firm in one's beliefs" in meaning. Sentence completion questions may test your knowledge of such words directly, or they may set up a contrast with such words as "gave in" or "acquiesced." Familiarize yourself with these words and their definitions so that you will be able to recognize them and remember their "firm" connotations.

adamant – not likely to change one's mind

She was adamant in her desire to become an actress despite her parents' pleading that she attend college to study law.

implacable – not capable of being appeased or significantly changed

The baby was implacable despite his mother's soothing coos, and he cried for the duration of the trip.

intransigent holding firmly to one's beliefs and refusing to change

Cult members are intransigent in their dedication to their leader.

obdurate – stubborn (especially with respect to morals); hard-hearted

The obdurate old man refused to buy the Girl Scout's cookies and slammed the door in her face.

resolute – fixed in belief, determined in pursuing a purpose

Despite her exhaustion, she was resolute in her determination to finish the marathon.


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